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I have a small bedroom

Great Ideas For Small Bedroom


A small bedroom makes people confused on how to decorate, organize, and maximize the nature of the small room. It is possible to make your small bedroom look good and beautiful just like a big room by using these tips.


Remove clutters


If a bedroom is cluttered with belongings, it does not look good. To improve and add some space, remove some of your belongings. Put them in a separate room or sell them. This way you will not only create space but you will also make it look good.


Buy furniture that makes use of the wall space


Make use of furniture that is placed on the wall as opposed to the once placed on the floor. Buy rectilinear rather curved furniture, which takes up much space hence eating on your walking space. Improve your décor according to the size of the bed. The size of the bed should be determined by the size of the room. A big bed in a small room will make the room to look cluttered. All furniture in a bedroom should be made with the size of the room in mind.


Include visual attention to your ceiling


Tray ceilings for the bedrooms have become popular in the recent past because they add a fifth dimension to the room. If you want a normal ceiling, make use of a lighter ceiling color because it creates an illusion of color as opposed to dark colors that makes the loom to look smaller.


Create a reading corner in your bedroom


No matter the size of the bedroom, introduces a reading corner, this will improve the looks of you bedroom and make it to look more relaxing. A bedroom should not only be used for sleeping and change of clothes, a good reading corner will improve the bedroom. Make use of dressers and armoires that fits your room Use two or three pieces of furniture that are very important. Avoid filling the whole house with unnecessary furniture because they will eat on your space. Use armoires to hold clothes and a TV, this will make you loom to look bigger because you have condensed your room.


Be creative on storage


Make creative storages in your bedroom to prevent your room looking cluttered, these may be decorated baskets to be placed under the bed or in the bookshelves. Make multifunctional pieces, which can be used for various reasons.


Choose to have or not to have a TV


A TV is a personal choice, you can decide to have or not, if you want a TV consider having a flat screen because it consumes less space. For stereos use MP3 stereos instead of the huge stereo units.


Make a wise choice of color


 In a small bedroom, make use of natural bright colors because they will open the size of your room visually and illuminate your moods. Dark colors will make the house to look small.